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The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time for lots of gathering with friends and family, all with plenty of gift giving. If you’ve got an avid traveler on your list, you’ve got some great gift options. From passport holders to travel-themed decor, you’ll find something for him or her to enjoy whether at home or abroad.

Here are some awesome gifts for the traveler in your life!

1. Passport holder

A great practical and stylish gift for travelers is a passport holder. Passport holders come with a pocket to keep your passport, of course, and often some slots for credit cards or other important items. I got a great one for my husband from Herschel Supply Co., but there are a seemingly infinite number of passport holders out there to fit any style.

2. Travel journal

One of my personal must-haves for every trip is a travel journal. Travel journals allow you to record your thoughts, feelings, and activities of your trip, plus store any ticket stubs, postcards, or other memorabilia. I’ve often looked back at my travel journals to find the name of that great restaurant in Vienna or which hike we went on at the Grand Canyon. They’re a must-have for any traveler!

3. Watch

You might be thinking, all our phones tell time, who even needs a watch anymore? However, I’ve found that when traveling, it’s best not to rely solely on technology for anything. That means I’ve always got hard copies of itineraries, tickets, confirmation numbers, directions, and more than one way to tell the time. Watches are great gifts to help keep travelers organized and comfortable while on the road! (The watch linked above isn’t the exact same watch I’ve used, but it is similar.)

4. Camera

We may be taking more photos than ever, thanks to the cameras on our phones, but there’s so much more fun to be had with photographs. Help your traveling pal mix up her photography game with a digital or film camera. 

There are tons of digital camera options out there for capturing beautiful, high quality images. There are also several film cameras for taking super fun photos. One of my favorite film cameras is La Sardina Camera (8Ball Edition) from Lomography. The camera lets you take fun, experimental photos. Another great option for film cameras is an instant camera, like Lomo’Instant Wide Camera, also from Lomography. This way you can take awesome photos and have them printed instantly. It’s a great way to add some fun to any trip!

5. Photo album

As mentioned, travelers tend to take tons and tons of photos. Though while we may have more digital images than we know what to do with, it seems increasingly rare to have photos printed. However, there’s something so special about seeing your favorite photos from your travel in print. Photo albums and scrapbooks are great for storing your photos and keepsakes to remember your travels. They’re the perfect way to keep photos organized and easy to access when you feel like re-experiencing your favorite trips!

6. Travel-themed decor

Even when travelers aren’t out on the road, we’re probably still daydreaming about traveling, so filling our surroundings with travel-themed decor makes us feel right at home. There are all kinds of decorative items you can find to help your traveler remember his or her favorite destinations. Try finding some cute vintage travel posters or coffee mugs depicting places around the world. Another fun option is to get a candle smelling like her favorite city. Homesick Candles make scented candles that smell like different countries, cities, and regions — so even if she can’t swing that trip back to Los Angeles, she can still feel like she’s there. (We have scented candles for Eugene and Atlanta at home in LA and love them!)

7. Portable battery for charging

OK, a portable battery might not be the sexiest or most exciting gift, but it sure is useful. We have so many different kinds of devices these days, so it can be challenging to keep everything charged while on the road. Plus, throw in different kinds of plugs for international travel, and the logistics can quickly get complicated. Enter the portable battery. This handy object gets all charged up, then you can plug in your phone, laptop, or other device to charge, no matter where you are.

There are about a million options for portable batteries, but Anker makes some nice ones. When choosing a battery, just consider the type of phone and what kinds of devices will need to be charged to make sure you have enough of the right kind of connections. The one linked above is probably more powerful than what most people need, but it’s a good option if your traveler will need to charge many things!

Palm and Peak Retro Duffel Travel Bag.png

8. Travel bag

Every traveler needs a great travel bag. The kind of bag depends, of course, on the kind of traveler. My all time favorite travel bag is my Tortuga backpack. It may be a bit pricey, but it’s functional, stylish, and durable. For a more budget-friendly duffel bag, I use the Retro Duffel Travel Bag from Palm and Peak*. It’s super cute and holds plenty of stuff — perfect for your traveler’s next weekend getaway. No matter what kind of traveler you’re buying for, we can all use an awesome travel bag!

Every traveler loves getting awesome new travel-themed gifts, whether they’re to use at home or on the road. I hope these gifts brighten up the holiday season for the traveler in your life! 

Happy holidays! Cheers!

*I am an affiliate of Palm and Peak and received this bag at a discount. If you choose to purchase anything from Palm and Peak, you can also receive a discount by using the code PAPERSNPLANES

Gifts for Travelers

8 Awesome Gifts for Travelers

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