Coming Up Roses: One Day Downtown in Portland, Oregon

When in Oregon, your top priorities are eat, drink, and enjoy the scenery. And the state’s largest city of Portland is no exception.

Portland, also called the City of Roses, is known for its food, craft beer, and outdoor spaces. The city is divided into five areas — Northwest, Southwest, Southeast Northeast, and North Portland. You could spend countless days eating donuts, drinking IPAs, and wandering through its parks, marveling at the abundance of greenery.  

If you’ve got a limited amount of time, it’s easy to make the most of it downtown, which is in the Southwest section of the city. It’s conveniently walkable, home to some must see spots, and full of that good food and drink. Seriously, get ready, there’s a lot to eat and drink.

Here’s your travel guide for how to spend one day downtown in Portland, Oregon.

Morning coffee at The Original Dinerant

Have Breakfast

There are so many wonderful restaurants in Portland, it’s seriously hard to choose where to eat for each meal. To start off your day downtown, keep it simple and head to The Original Dinerant, right on the corner of SW Oak Street and SW 6th Avenue.

The Original serves up classic diner fare, complete with giant biscuits and fresh juices, in a modern setting. It’s a great spot for a traditional breakfast to get your day started. You can’t go wrong with a simple plate of bacon and eggs with a cup of coffee.

Browsing the wonderful Powell’s City of Books

Browse the Bookstores and Shops

Even if you don’t usually head straight for the bookstore when you get to a new city, you can’t miss Powell’s City of Books when in Portland. This beloved landmark, the largest independent bookstore in the world, is a massive series of bookshelves featuring all genres of new, rare, and used books. It’s also got plenty of great souvenirs and a coffee shop to keep you browsing as long as you need.

If you haven’t had enough book shopping, there’s also Cameron’s Books & Magazines, which has a great selection of used books as well

There’s also the Portland Saturday Market. The market is open on weekends from March through December. Local artists and chefs set up shop along the river, offering all different kinds of unique crafts and treats.

The city blocks of downtown are dotted with a variety of other lovely shops, so stop and look through whichever catches your eye as you make your way around.

Pine Street Market

Eat Lunch

For lunch, stop by Pine Street Market. This indoor food hall has something for everyone.

From bibimbap bowls to pizza or ramen to cheeseburgers, there’s a little bit of everything. Large, long tables provide ample space for community seating and string lights provide a comfortable atmosphere. Just grab a drink, choose your fare, and enjoy.

Downtown Portland
Downtown Portland

Have Coffee and Doughnuts

At some point, you will need to refuel. Or maybe you’ve just finished lunch and you’re ready for dessert and a pick-me-up. You do you!

When in Portland, that means coffee and doughnuts. The top spots are Blue Star Donuts and Voodoo Doughnuts. They are full of creative baked goods and hot coffee, plus they both have convenient locations downtown.

White Stag building Portland Oregon
The famous Portland, Oregon sign atop the White Stag building along the river

Walk Along the River

When you’re ready to walk off some of that food, head down to the Waterfront Loop.

Here you’ll find a paved path running along the Willamette River bordered by open green spaces. Stroll down the path and admire the gorgeous Oregon trees and the city skyline across the river. You can also catch a glimpse of the famous Portland, Oregon sign atop the White Stag building.

Multnomah Whiskey Library
Inside Multnomah Whiskey Library

Ready to Eat Again? Time for Happy Hour and Dinner!

Food and drink are no joke in the PNW. Get ready because it’s time for more.

For happy hour downtown in Portland, head to Multnomah Whiskey Library. Tucked between a couple shops and without much of a sign, it’s barely noticeable. Downstairs at street level is The Green Room, where you can relax with a cocktail if there’s a wait to get up to the library.

The Green Room is nice, but the experience of the library is exceptional. The library is a cozy room with walls of liquor, armchairs surrounding the fireplace, and classic details. Order some small plates to enjoy while your server mixes up cocktails at your table. Between the drinks and the ambiance, happy hour just might turn into dinner.

Ninkasi Brewing Eugene Oregon
A few pints from another essential Oregon brewery, Eugene-based Ninkasi Brewing. Find our Eugene travel guide here.

Explore the Breweries

It’s not a trip to Oregon without sampling some delicious craft beer.

You can’t go wrong with a visit to Oregon favorites Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House or Rogue Pearl Public House. Descutes is based in Bend, and while they brew plenty of great beers, their classic staple is the Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Rogue was founded in Ashland, but is now based in Newport. Their classic brew is the Dead Guy Ale.

Both Deschutes and Rogue are classic Oregon institutions serving up delicious beer in downtown Portland, you really can’t go wrong with a visit to either. In true Pacific Northwest fashion, make sure to try all the IPAs!

Portland Oregon waterfront
Open space along the waterfront

Stay the Night

If your day downtown extends into the night, you’ve got plenty of accomodation options.

Hotel Lucia and The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel are both great choices. Hotel Lucia has a lovely modern look and friendly staff. The Nines has got a contemporary style, great service, and nice large rooms. Both are in central locations that make it easy to get around on foot.

Powells PNW recs
Some accurate PNW recommendations from Powell’s City of Books

Portland is a great city full of delicious food, top notch drinks, and gorgeous scenery. You can get a taste of it all, even if  you’ve only got one day to spend downtown. When in Portland, simply eat, drink, and enjoy. Cheers!

One Day Downtown in Portland Oregon


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