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Exploring LA: North Hollywood

The Iliad Bookshop, North Hollywood

From a bar shaped like a barrel to a large neon clown and the city’s oldest tiki bar, retro valley eccentricity is alive and well in North Hollywood. Plus, with a metro stop and nearby freeways, it’s easy to get to this part of town. Here’s your guide for what to see, eat, and drink in the Los Angeles neighborhood of North Hollywood.

California Dreamin: Day Trips from Los Angeles

California is a large and diverse state. From beaches to mountains, deserts to forests, and big cities to small towns, the Golden State has it all. Here are some of the best day trips from Los Angeles all within two hours driving from the city.

Catalina Island: California’s Magic Isle

Throughout its modern history, the island has served as a getaway for Hollywood stars, a practice spot for the Chicago Cubs, and a secret training site for the US Armed Forces. Above all, though, the island is meant as an escape for everyone. Here’s your guide to marvelous Catalina Island.