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The holidays are here, and with them plenty of gatherings, merriment, and gift-giving. If you have a book lover on your list, there are plenty of bookish gifts to get him or her. Books would be an obvious (and awesome) gift, but if you’re looking for something more, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some wonderful gifts to get the book lover in your life!

1. Kindle

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: you can love paper books and also enjoy an e-reader. I, first and foremost, love physical books. I love the look of the words printed on paper, the smell of the pages, and the way it feels in your hands. However, reading on a Kindle also has its advantages, making it a great gift for book lovers. 

For one, Kindles are super portable. You can store lots of books in a small space. Also, electronic editions of books tend to be less expensive (plus, your local library might deliver e-editions straight to your Kindle for free, like the Los Angeles Public Library does!). Last but not least, you can read basically any book instantly — just a click of a button and your latest read is right in front of you. If the book lover in your life hasn’t yet discovered the convenience of an e-reader, now just might be the time!

2. Book ends

Every book lover has her own method of book organization, and book ends can help with that. Whether organized by genre, country of origin, or by author last name, spread out across bookshelves, some good ol’ book ends keep things in order. Or if nothing else, they make for some super cute bookish accessories!


People are constantly giving me bookmarks, and let me tell you, I love it. When I’m starting a new book, I love opening my drawer, taking out all the bookmarks, and choosing which one will come along on this journey with me. Of course, since they come in all different shapes and designs, there’s bound to be the perfect bookmark out there for your bookworm.

4. Pens

You might be thinking, pens? Really? What a boring gift. But wait! Not so fast! We book lovers enjoy some good pens. Many avid readers, myself included, always have a pen in hand while reading. We need to be ready at a moment’s notice to underline an important passage or make a note in the margins. There are so many different kinds of pens out there, they don’t have to be boring!

5. Book light

Probably every avid reader has had a point where she wishes she had a book light. I know I have. Whether snuggled up in bed or out on the road, sometimes you just need some extra light to illuminate your book. Here is where the book light comes in handy! Book lights provide just enough light to help the reader carry on reading, without really disturbing other people nearby. It’s a great small gift for book lovers at home or while traveling.

6. Book-themed decor

If we book lovers aren’t reading, we’re probably thinking about books, and being surrounded by book-themed decor makes us happy. From wall art to knick knacks, there are all kinds of bookish decorations to brighten up a book lover’s living space. 

One particularly fun gift is a book-themed mug. Reading and hot beverages tend to go quite well together, so a cute literary mug is just the ticket. Harry Potter fans will be happy to discover that there are lots of wizarding mugs out there. So if your book lover is also a Potter-head, look no further! Here’s a great option for you. If HP isn’t your pal’s cup of tea, there are plenty of other options out there.

7. Cozy blanket

It might be a cliche, but is there anything better than cozying up with a good book on a cold night? I don’t think so. Enter the blanket. Probably every book lover could use an extra blanket to wrap up in while reading. The blanket can be book-themed or otherwise, just make sure it’s extra soft.

8. Candles

Keep the coziness going with some candles. Think about what kinds of scent, theme, or season will best suit your book lover and the time of year. Target has some great aromatherapy candles with relaxing themes, like “Be Grateful,” “Be Peaceful,” and “Choose Happiness.” They’ve also got plenty of seasonally scented candles, perfect for the holidays. Or why not go full book themed and get a book-scented candle from Homesick? Whatever you choose, there’s something to suit your book lover!

Every reader loves getting awesome new book-themed gifts, whether she’ll get to use them to decorate her space or on her next reading adventure. I hope these gifts brighten up the holiday season for the book lover in your life! 

Happy holidays! Cheers!


Gifts for Book Lovers

8 Awesome Gifts for Book Lovers

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