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Stockholm is the beautiful waterfront capital of Sweden and the most populous of the Nordic countries. This unique city is spread out across 14 islands and is home to around one million people. Stockholm is full of history, art, culture and cuisine, and there are so many reasons it should be on your list.

Here are just six reasons to visit Stockholm, Sweden.

Vasa Museum
The Vasa Museum in Stockholm

1. Awesome museums

You’ll find several exceptional museums in Stockholm. Within them are an old ship, odes to ABBA, famous paintings, and modern photography.

At the Vasa museum (Vasamuseet) you’ll find a 17th century ship that’s almost completely intact. The Vasa was a warship that sank on her first trip in 1628. The ship was salvaged and put back together, where it’s now on display in this maritime museum on Djurgården.

Another interesting museum in Stockholm is Fotografiska. The Fotografiska is a photography museum located in Södermalm. The museum displays primarily contemporary photographs and is known for its exhibitions.

Dancing queens rejoice! Fans of Swedish pop sensation ABBA will be pleased to find out there’s a whole museum dedicated to the group in Stockholm. The ABBA Museum is located on Djurgårdsvägen, and it’s features, exhibits, memorabilia, and a dance floor.

Additionally, Nationalmuseum, or National Museum of Fine Arts, boasts the largest art collection in the country. The museum in Norrmalm houses works from the medieval period to the modern day.

This is just a sample of the museums in Stockholm. From history to modern art, there are several other museums throughout the city to explore.

Stockholm, Sweden

2. Friendly people

One of the top reasons to visit Stockholm is its friendly residents. Sometimes we don’t realize how much influence other people can have on our experiences, but the people you interact with on your travels have a significant impact on your trip.

Generalizations about people, whether positive or negative, are dangerous to make. However, from personal experience it seems that by and large, the people in Stockholm are friendly to travelers. This makes a visit there seem all the more appealing.

Additionally, English is everywhere in Stockholm. Of course, Swedish is the official language of Sweden, but English is omnipresent. Signs everywhere are in English, and it seems just about everybody speaks it as well. This makes Stockholm even more comfortable to explore for English speakers.

Stockholm, Sweden

3. Great food (and drinks!)

Yet another reason to visit Stockholm is that it’s full of delicious food and drinks. This capital city boasts local dishes, international cuisine, and vegetarian fare. Plus, there’s plenty of craft beer to be sampled as well.

In Stockholm, make sure to try some traditional Swedish food. While cuisine varies regionally, there are some national staples. Seafood and meatballs, for instance, are both popular. Make sure to set aside some time for fika as well — that’s a break for coffee and a sweet treat, like a cinnamon bun (kanelbulle), along with some socializing.

If you’re searching for some great pub food and craft beer, you’ll find it in Stockholm. One place to try is Akkurat in Södermalm. They serve up comfort food along with a nice selection of craft beverages.

For vegetarian food, check out Hermans, also in Södermalm. This popular vegetarian buffet is located near Fotografiska and is full of delicious dishes.

Stockholm Palace
The changing of the guard at Stockholm Palace

4. All the history

Stockholm is a historic city. From thousands of years BCE to the viking age and through the modern day, there’s so much history to explore in this Nordic capital.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, is where the city was founded in 1252. Today, this charming neighborhood is one of the most popular tourist areas in town. This area is home to brightly colored buildings, cobblestone streets, cafes, and the Stockholm Cathedral.

A historic place to visit in Gamla Stan is Stockholm Palace / Royal Palace (Stockholms slott / Kungliga slottet). The palace is the official residence of Swedish monarchs. Most of the palace was built during the 18th century in an Italian baroque style and includes more than 600 rooms and five museums.

Stockholm, Sweden

5. Architecture and design

Sweden is famous for its design skills (hello, IKEA!), and there’s so much to admire in Stockholm.

Multi-colored buildings line the waterfront and peaceful parks dot the neighborhoods. Fans of Scandinavian style need only to explore this captivating city on foot and take in all its wonderful designs.

Stockholm, Sweden

6. That beautiful Scandinavian scenery

The final, but certainly not least important, reason to visit Stockholm is that it’s simply a beautiful place.

Spread out over more than a dozen islands, the city is surrounded by water. It seems wherever you look in Stockholm, beautiful blue waters catch your eye. The city’s famous multi-colored buildings and tall spires line the waterfront. If being near water calms you as much as it does me, you’ll be feeling positively serene in this town.

There are also many open green spaces around Stockholm. The city is absolutely full of lovely public parks. From the large Royal Djurgården to the small Fatbursparken, there are parks everywhere. They’re perfect places for taking a break from exploring the city.

Between its blue waters, charming buildings, and green spaces, Stockholm is a beautiful city.

Södermalm, Stockholm
A viewpoint on Södermalm overlooking the city

There are far beyond six reasons to visit Stockholm. But whether you’re into food, architecture, photography, or ABBA, there’s something for you in Stockholm. Plus, with its beautiful scenery and friendly locals, it’s a wonderful place to be. If you’re contemplating where to go next, make sure this Swedish capital is on your list.


Six Reasons to Visit Stockholm

Six Reasons to Visit Stockholm, Sweden

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